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When team members understand and take action on your most important goals everyday, tell you how they feel about it, and collaborate as a team, success is guaranteed. Our software gives you the visibility and accountability to ensure this success at scale across a geographically diverse organization.

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What's in it for You?

Blaze ignites the fire within! We offer training that is highly relevant and actionable, in the right way and the right amount so that participants actually learn more in less time.We couple that training with leading-edge software that enables the translation of great intent into meaningful action with higher visibility, measurement, reportability, and accountability.  All this is supported by expert coaching and follow-on services that produce sustainable, value-added learning at an amazing price point.

Create a clear line of sight between strategy and execution. Our platform provides intuitive, shareable, and easy-to-read reports that summarize the product of your leadership. You’ll be able to share with stakeholders how employee progress and sentiment are creating unmatched performance with greater confidence and certainty.
Get and keep a seat at the table by maintaining focus and providing insight into operational effectiveness and impact. With Blaze, you’ll be able to track and respond to employee sentiment in real-time and link it with employee performance. You’ll be able to lead executive discussions on accomplishing the strategic vision of the company.
Create real-time Performance Management. You’re able to help and empower your employees in the areas needed and at the moment when it is needed most. Your team’s wins and successes are visible to your leaders which ensures you get credit for all your efforts and hard work.
Get the credit you deserve. There’s nothing more frustrating than not getting credit for hard-won successes. That’s why our Blaze platform provides an opportunity for capturing and showcasing your meaningful contributions to the team and company’s overall success.

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The only prep needed is to carve out some time and be ready to learn. Can't wait to see you there!

Strengthen Retention

The single biggest factor in whether an employee will leave is their relationship with their manager and team. This is followed closely by their perceived opportunities for professional growth. Our platform helps guide managers to be great leaders and train employees on the real-time skills they need to reach their next level.

Increase Engagement

Engagement is voluntary. It can’t be bought or bartered, only allowed to grow within a positive, empowering work environment. That’s why our platform provides real-time sentiment feedback to understand how employees feel about the work they’re doing. 

Scale Productivity

Goals are accomplished when each team member understands and works towards those goals. Our platform allows each employee to 1) understand their goals, 2) make commitments about achieving those goals, and 3) record actions celebrating their progress. Consistently winning with KPIs is accomplished in the daily progress towards a clearly defined goal.

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With a combined 50+ years of consulting and executive leadership, we are passionate about helping our clients create real behavior change that leads to increased performance. We’ve seen all the quick fixes and stopgap measures that get used for short term results. We want to help your entire organization succeed through the success of teams who are individually winning on a daily basis.

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Download our free guide: 6 Steps to Retention

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