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The Blaze Digital Compass (BDC) platform focuses on the behaviors that drive organizational success. You already track your own Goals/KPI’s but not behaviors.

You will see in real-time employee sentiment and what actions are being taken to achieve your Goals/KPI’s.

You will know why you won (Goals/KPI’s achieved) and if need be, understand why you lost.

Organization, Team, Individual Alignment

By the time a goal is communicated to line level employees, it is unlikely to be the same goal that executives envisioned for the company. Aligning each employee with the direction and vision of the company is critical for success. Previously difficult, the BDC makes it easy for employees to understand what they need to be doing everyday to further the success of the company.

Sentiment analysis

You can buy an employee's C game, but they have to gift you their A game. That’s why sentiment is so critical. You already have a company full of high-potential employees. All you need to do is allow them to unlock it by fostering an environment of  respect and value. The BDC bot (ALICE) measures employee sentiment and provides coaching on how to improve it.

Real-time Performance Management

Performance reviews are critical to running a successful team, but the traditional methods are broken. The BDC allows for real time performance management. You’re able to see what your employees are planning on doing and what they are able to accomplish. You can provide coaching and praise in the moment to ensure everyone is trending for success.

  • Users understand company goals, make weekly commitments towards those goals, and log daily actions towards keeping those commitments.
  • Our system gathers sentiment from employees.
  • Curates leadership/professional development content for each user.
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  • Identify organizational hot spots before the become a problem
  • Deep understanding of your workforce and what they are doing to achieve company/team goals
  • Leaders who are constantly learning with our AI-driven, custom leadership training
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